Skyrim: Best Mods for PC


Skyrim has been a title that’s been around for nearly 6 years now and throughout that time the game has seen an incredibly persistent modding community behind it. As a result of this the game has received thousands upon thousands of potential mods for players to install and enjoy, but when you have such a vast library to choose from it can make things a tad difficult on what you should install. Well, worry no more, because that’s where I come in to fill you in on some of the best mods that any fan of Skyrim shouldn’t be without!


Before I make a start, these mods are in no particular order; much rather it is a collection of some of the best of the best that are a necessary addition to your game.


Pure Waters


When it comes to Skyrim there is a vast array of different types of mods that you can implement into the game, with ones that increase the visual fidelity being a big one. There’s a lot of ways to improve the visuals of Skyrim, but one I personally feel is most necessary and advantageous is the Pure Water mod. This particular mod redesigns how the water appears inside the game and it transforms from a horrible, dull gunge-like substance to some of the most stunning water in a video game that you will ever see. After installing the mod, be aware that you will find it incredibly hard to pull yourself away from just how gorgeous the water is to look at.


Monsters Reborn


At the beginning of Skyrim there’s plenty to enjoy, especially in the variety of monsters and creatures for you to encounter and slay, but after a fair amount of hours in the game you’ll come across one too many of the same creature and it can get a bit stale. To combat this particular issue, I recommend the Monsters Reborn mod, as it will add a considerable amount of new monsters for you to slay: such as great, big-hulking Werewolves, all the way up to dragons you won’t have seen before. Some of these monsters are push-overs, just like your basic Mud-crab, but others are scaled appropriately with their size and will put up a serious fight if you’re not too careful around them.


The Dance of Death


As morbid as this mod may sound, it definitely makes combat a fair bit more interesting when it comes to the climax. On the odd occasion you will deal a finisher move to a creature and at first it will feel awesome and make you want to do it over and over again – up until you realise you’re only doing the same move again, with little-to-no change between them. Install this mod to be introduced to a whole new array of finishing moves and animations that will keep your intrigue in combat for just that little bit longer.


Apocalypse – Magic


Magic is a fun part of Skyrim, but when you realise just how little variation there is to it, it can become a little bit disappointing to know that you don’t have much else in the way of magic that can be construed as useful. Now, while this mod does technically add a number of spells that aren’t as epic as a giant, glowing tornado that destroys everything in its path; at least there’s a whole bunch of difference and variation this time around. With this mod you get access to around 140 different spells at your disposal and it makes using spells and magic as satisfying as it should have been in the first place!


Alternate Start


Every single Elder Scrolls game for the past 3 iterations has had this very simple; yet useful mod developed for it. The Alternate Start mod allows the player to completely skip the long-winded introduction that Skyrim starts you off in that could easily take up to an hour just to have your freedom finally start to take place. Instead of forcing yourself to go through that for the umpteenth time when you start a new character, you can simply skip it completely and still design your character exactly as you see fit, but it will only take you a maximum of a couple of minutes before you can finally play the game without restrictions.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch


It may not be the most interesting mod of the all, but it is definitely debatable as one of the most important out of all of them. This mod/patch for the game fixes hundreds upon thousands of different problems that came along with Skyrim when it first released and while the developers have fixed a number of issues the game has had over the years; this mod still manages to fix countless problems that the developers never caught onto. Thanks to this, the game becomes a whole lot easier to play throughout and makes the whole experience that much more seamless than one might have originally felt the first time they played through the game. A lot of the changes are subtle, but that doesn’t stop just how incredibly useful and convenient they are to have.


There are a whole host of incredibly useful, interesting, and fun mods for the average player to enjoy at their leisure; these are but a few of some of the best that any fan of mods should implement into their next venture into the fantasy world of Skyrim.

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